Early March.

The first really warm day of the year.

There is a calm: a sweet content,

while sitting in contemplation

on a warm spring washed day

when celandines sprig yellow

beneath a mossy bough,

and daffodils upraise their heads

to greet the hand of warmth.

Days grow long to take their ease

and birds a’courting go

the blackbird calls his song anew,

and sings the hour away.

© sweetwater 2017
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If it were true, Sue. Here I am on the 11th of March and still waiting for that warm spring day. Yet I know that it is just round the corner. 🙂
Luigi x
P.S. a small typo: ‘comtemplation’


Yes, always welcome Sue. Such strange climate changes where I live: out in the last snow at +/-0c on Thursday, sunny Spring arriving Friday with +8c!, Well, the first feeling of Spring at least, even if the birds are’nt chortling their mating calls yet! I like the way your lovely poems are following real impressions, with your usual skill in presenting them.
Trevor x


Loving your poetic wander through spring’s blossoming, Sue. I noted dandelions in bloom along the M5 motorway margins today. A definite sign that spring’s arrived.


I like the surface pleasures evoked as the mind rests content beyond the striking distance of memory and trepidation.

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