Sing to Me

Missing my mother!

Cradle me –
in your warm arms I’ll inhale
the fragrance of your skin,
playing butterflies
eyelashes flutter
against each other’s cheeks.

Sing to me –
lift me with your spirit
in rousing hymns;
soothe me with lullabies,
swaying until I rest.

I’m growing old, Mam
yet that little girl lingers,
longing for the solace
of your embrace.
When sleeplessly tired
I ache for the lilting
timbre of your voice.

© capricorn 2023
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This brought tears to my eyes, I lost my mum 20 years ago and my whole world fell apart, it could have been yesterday my world still hasn’t repaired itself. I loved the whole poem, but the last verse especially hit home.
A lovely poem replaying special memories deeply meaningful. Sue.


Love it, I never got on with my mother….but I still miss her.


Very poignant, Capricorn.


I truly envy you the experience. My mother and I never got on all that well. It took me years before I realised she was very adept at hiding her mental illness..
A lovely heartfelt poem to be sure.


Made me cry unreservedly. I know you will understand why. A beauty of a poem.
Into favs
Simply stunning.
Alison xxx

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