Spring is here!



I stir from languor hearing swallows trill
in distant wetland reeds. In reverie
I rest beneath our old magnolia tree
as nascent buds emerge. Though east winds chill,
the eye of heaven warms, rainfall sustains
dispersed autumnal seeds of marigolds
and primulas. I watch them grow, unfold
their petals to embroider my terrains.
Forsythia blooms against the kitchen wall;
nearby two blue tits nest inside their box
above a frill of evening scented stocks.
Entwined with life, I answer Gaia’s call
to turn away from winter’s shadows, leap
into the light, as earth awakes from sleep.


© capricorn 2023
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Oh to sit beneath that magnolia tree and share what you have described. With a poem as lovely as this how could you fail to leap into the light. 🙂 Sue.


Springtime is nigh! Enjoyed your poem, Capricorn.

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