Reluctance (Poetry Challenge)

On the dance floor.

When he saw this girl giving him a glance
quick as a flash he was ready to pounce.
Went over to her and asked for a dance
but she refused and he felt like a dunce.
He couldn’t accept the lassie’s reluctance,
promised that he’d still continue the fight
and  asked to be given another chance:
a refusal was a breach of his human right.
The lad was too full of his own importance
and needed taking down one step or two,
but how to punish the guy’s impudence?
Perhaps engage him in a bout of kung fu.
She told him that she was a black belt,
the rank of an expert in the martial art.
Waited for his reaction and soon she felt
he’d get the message and quickly depart.
He was more desperate than a desperado
now that she’d said that she had enough
of his persistence and his show of bravado
but was too reluctant to call her bluff.

© Luigi Pagano 2017


© ionicus 2021
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This held my attention from beginning to end – kept waiting for a twist at the end. Enjoyed the read anyway.


very very good! eheheh x


He may well have been one of those masochistic types.

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