Time is a liar

They say that time is a great healer, but time is a liar, a fool’s folly

Time heals little if anything, it just simply numbs the pain, memories.

The feelings, it creeps back in, unstoppable, unseeing 

I hate time, I hate existence, if time were real, I’d be a seal

and swim the cold seas to the North Pole and back

There I’d stay, content, complete, no feet on hallowed earth

Only flippers, oily skin  and plenty of fish to eat!

© gezz 2023
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This is very interesting, I thought the first lines on grief were so good I was really drawn into the poem, then was totally confused when the seal swam past, and drew me along to the North Pole with him. So all in all a most unusual write which I really enjoyed, despite the confusion I suffered 🙂 Sue.


I liked the rhythm of this abstract poem and enjoyed the internal rhymes.

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