My friend or foe


I do not know you and therefore can not trust you.
Something tells me you will be my death some day.
Your love I can not doubt,
it certainly does turn me on,
and I am grateful for your company,
since you are always there,
my most mysterious travelling companion,
and your beauty certainly is irresistible,
and yet I hesitate, which you must bear with.
You can never be too careful about love,
it is the easiest way to get burnt out,
and still you can not do without it but must have it,
like a drug of unknown consequences.
You are certainly the most dramatic
of my friends but also the most dangerous,
so please forbear with my precautions.
I will love you, certainly, with all my flesh and soul,
it’s just my heart and brain I am uncertain of,
but they will follow, though not without warnings.


© aurelio 2023
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Good poem! Love. The most powerful of all emotions. Creator of the universe. Our universal pulse beats to the same drum for we are all ONE and of the Universe. To understand love is to understand creation. And to understand creation is to understand God.

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