Between Jobs

A temporary blip.

I recognised her right away
when she  took my order
in a motorway’s dingy café.
Her name was Virginia
but everyone called her Ginny.
She was dressed like a waitress
of the old Lyons Corner House
with a white cap and a pinny.
The menu was a hodgepodge,
from fish and chips to spaghetti.
I wanted to ask her why
she had made the decision
to wait on tables in this dump
when last year she’d performed
with acclaim at the Drury Lane
but decided my query was petty
and didn’t wish to inflict any pain.
We got talking and she told me
that she was between jobs.
I expected a flood of tears
and perhaps some pitiful sobs
but she smiled and remarked
that it was a temporary blip,
so I paid my bill which was cheap
and gave her a generous tip.
© Luigi Pagano 2017


© ionicus 2023
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I love your storytelling style, Luigi and this is no exception. It held my attention from beginning to end. Such a human tale.


I feel I was there looking on from the next table, this is a superb slice of ‘real life’ poetry and holds the interest from start to finish. I hope she soon found herself back at the Drury Lane.. 🙂 Sue.


You drew me in there, Luigi. Fantastic warm tale in poetry style. This one would be good on your website.

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