Egyptian Garden, Biddulph Grange

Written after a visit to Biddulph Grange


Bluebirds extend their wings
to flank a jonquil sun
above the entrance.
Twin sphinxes guard this door,
amid neatly clipped yews.

We creep into the mastaba,
spooked by a twilit passage
where it’s difficult to focus.
In the ensanguine chamber ahead
a grotesque figure squats.

Ape, attendant to Thoth,
bathed in blood light awaits –
sculpted in feathered cape  
with oblong buckle fastening.
Long ears frame his hog-like face.
Nostrils flare; mouth grimaces.

Returning down the tunnel
we will rediscover brightness-
yet on the left is a short-cut
up steep stone steps that vanish
into darkness, offering a portal
into the unknown.

© capricorn 2023
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Excellent work, Eira, richly deserving to be picked. An interesting and clever choice of narrative. Well done.


Hi Eira,
Nice to read you again. Your vocabulary is always outstanding and original. Your poems, always instigating some emotion in me. An air of menace and desire to escape. The last stanza leaving the reader with an air of mystery. What if one was to conquer fear and venture down the left portal?
A brilliant poem. Please accept this nomination.

Alison x

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