They say you find the best of Indians there
and all the worst of westerners.
Is that because of all those parties
going on forever day and night
the whole year round
and reaching something of a climax
around New Year’s celebrations?
This was actually one of the first
established hippie paradises
of the 70s together with Nepal and Bali,
all those hippie colonies migrating
as the seasons changed,
in summer for Nepal,
in winter down to Goa
and escaping the monsoons to Bali,
and this circulation still goes on.
The party never ends but only changes places,
moving even up to Kashmir and Ladakh
occasionally when the Nepal civil war
made things uncomfortable there.
So, welcome to enjoy and join the party,
there is now three generations of those hippies,
still incorrigible as peace and rainbow activists
all round the globe and constantly increasing,
gaining ground as gradually the world begins to realize,
that they were always right from the beginning,
sacrificing world affairs, careers and vanity
for the idealism of living more for love and beauty
as the only means to make a future possible.


© aurelio 2023
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Aurelio, I’m curious on a couple of fronts. I peeked at your profile and found nothing, then I started wondering why the article. Is it a question, observation or casual comment? My interest stems from being a former ‘longtermer’ during winter months in Goa, and happen to be in the middle of a novel, The Goa Connection.
Cheers, Jezz.

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