Just A Dream


It’s just a dream

A dream that you can never awake from

It creates endless images in your mind

And streams sound directly to your brain

For you to memorise

And it tells you that this is reality.

But what if this is not reality?

What if this is just a never ending scripted play

And we are all merely actors playing our part

And because we cannot awake

We are trapped inside our character

Condemned to broadcast our scripted lines

As per the authors precise instruction

And in a manner pre directed

Until one day, we are no longer able to remember

Or recognise the lines and the sounds meant for us

So the author ‘writes out’ our character

And leaves us to sleep.





© marvo 2022
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I am familiar with these ideas and it’s always a pleasure to read other poets who are also fascinated by this possibility.
Good poem

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