A Morning Call

Let’s make hay…

I came down the stairs;

she was in the hall

making a call

on the phone

attached to the wall.


I smiled at her

recalling last night

when I chanced my luck

hoping that she might

(and being proved right).


I nibbled her ear

and whispered

that I’d be working late.

She wistfully said,

“Why wait?


Let’s make hay

while the sun shines.”

A sign that she cares;

so, hand in hand,

we ran back upstairs.


© Luigi Pagano 2017


© ionicus 2023
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Steady now, young Luigi… take all necessary precautions… pacemaker included.


I still have a phone on my wall do you think it will work that magic for me? Oh I forgot there’s only me here. Never mind I still have my memories 🙂 very much enjoyed this little look back Luigi. Sue.


Memories are made of this…..sweet,sweet the memories you gave to me.


Neat, spicy little poem.


To the point. Nicely done. Only get rid of ‘that’ in ‘that I’d be working late’ – it’s an unnecessary sore thumb. Ah, if they were not just memories…..

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