That which lasts .. (poetry challenge)

Written for the poetry challenge.

That which lasts ..


Emptiness writhes through the

Silence of an aching, damaged

Soul … alone.

Eternal injustice – the raging

Nub of all that’s denied answers.

Treason against the spirit creates

Invisible wounds, no healing and,

Always and endless,

Lasting grief.

© Elfstone 15/1/17

© Elfstone 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Quite a lateral interpretation of the word ‘essential’. I can see that the writer is in essence suffering from grief and one could say that her her angst is of the essence to him/her.


well dear Elfstone, can you please start a new challenge? I liked all poems they were thought-provoking and I am currently commenting on the submissions. You’re next, the challenge is yours. This one spoke to my heart.


Your poem has a Celtic soul, Elfstone. The wild north wind whistles through your words.


Accessed ok, Elfstone. Fantastic poem!


I do like a good acrostic and this one is better than good some powerful line you have here Elf, nicely done Keith


Yes good in the sense that its well penned not good in the sense that which last forever is essential and everything else just burns or becomes what your poem describes 🙁

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