Ego Mania

We all have two sides fighting for supremacy one open and light the other subtle and controlling.



Ah, where to find a tranquil mind?

Ego rises like a darkened moon

Sweeping over the lunatic landscape

Of mankind

If we’re right you must be wrong, right?

When we say you make us angry it’s a lie.



Because it’s the ego that’s angry

Hearing its voice, gives a choice

Respond or not?

To rale against what is

At the expense of what could be


Oh, if  we were but free of ego

Yet for that we need only

See through its disguise

To recognise

Not just the infantile screams

But its subtle schemes


That draw us into vanity

Lead us to calamity

How then to fight the tyrant?

To rave? To rant?

Mantras to chant?

No, opposition makes it worse


This curse

It should merely be ignored

Beware then of thoughts  beginning I, My, Me

If we would be free

Not easy at first

As it does its worst


More twists than Satan’s serpent

As it wraps us in its coils

To enjoy its spoils

Of usurped life force

But its vicarious ploys

Cannot survive recognition


And of our own volition

Ignore them

‘Til it dies of starvation

Leaving us as intended,

Joyous throughout creation.




© pronto 2023
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Excellent stuff, enjoyed the read.

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