Love’s bitter abyss


The well of all your tears of love
can never get filled up and never emptied,
it will always be enriched by new laments,
while all the old ones never can be cancelled
or forgotten, keeping that abyss forever constant
without bottom, without end
and flowing always without ever overflowing,
never satisfying, never measurable,
always black in darkness and annoying you
by always, when you look down into it,
presenting you with that most hateful mirror
of your own deluded face,
as if all that well full of sorrows
actually contained was only your own self.
But real love is the opposite:
forget yourself, transcend yourself,
get out of it och think of someone else,
and independent of how many loves
you lost and failed you,
there will always still be someone left
who has deserved your love.


© aurelio 2023
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