Good Day


Birdsong melded

with forest fragrance,


butterflies danced

the exuberance of life,


while I sipped

Chateau Le Touron,



I basked

in the warm glow

of good fortune


as a gentle breeze

blew wispy cloud

across a painter’s sky


and then she appeared

with her soft,

Mediterranean eyes


and the je ne sais quoi

of her Gallic mystique,


and reality froze

as she sang

with her angel’s voice,

“Bonjour, Monsieur.”


My mind flashed

across 40 years

to a thousand falters

that had brought me

to this moment

in this paradise

on this Earth.


Naturellement, I replied,

“Oui, bonnie lass:

a very good day.”



© Shackleton 2023
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What a lovely way to paint a chance meeting and such a delightful setting,. I would cut the wine stanza as is adds little for the reader however I’m sure you have your reasons. Well penned.


The vision of an exotic beauty exuding a ‘Gallic mystique’ and the sipping of a Chateau wine are the perfet ingredients for a good, and memorable, day.


How lovely, it’s like looking at a beautiful painting, an exotic idyll full of warmth and life. Then you come to the last two lines and you are tipped right back to earth. Brilliant I loved it. 🙂 Sue.


A pleasant snapshot. Not sure the multilingual last stanza is the best conclusion. Also a French person does not think of bonjour as literally meaning ‘good day’ and would just as easily use it on a ‘bad day.’


It’s a bit like when we say ‘Goodbye’ we no longer mean ‘God be with you.’ It’s lost its literal meaning.


Ahhh…. this is a beautiful picture brought to life. I love this sort of writing.

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