It never is too late


Forget your pains and ailments,

your age has no importance whatsoever,

you are young and will remain so

as long as you are faithful to your love

and keep on loving, even stupidly,

persistently and stolidly, but for no longer,

while your only charm and beauty

is the honesty, sincerity and truthfulness

of what you harbour in your mind and soul –

your true intentions are your actual character,

that you can never hide or mask to anyone –

it is your birthmark of eternity,

that you will always doubt and re-evaluate

and maybe struggle with, but it is you

and what you bring with you into eternity;

and if there’s any truth at all and beauty in it,

then you are all set and home in timelessness,

where it can never be too late to finally start loving.

© lailaroth 2023
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Hello there 😉 I enjoyed the sentiments but felt it needed more punctuation as it ran on from line to line. I felt this diluted what you were saying and let the beauty of the words down a bit. 🙁 For instance, the first two lines are making a bold statement so I feel they should end with a full stop. I have a thing about the layout of a poem and how it affects the message but it’s just a personal thing and others may disagree. The last line is meaningful and aptly sums up what comes before. Alison… Read more »


Very much enjoyed your insightful words, a most interesting read 🙂 Sue.

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