Yule Moon Rising


A poem about cosmic connection and world events.

Nevertheless, I am wishing a very Happy New Year to all who read me. I appreciate it very much. 🙂

There’s a strange telling moon
suspended in my night sky.
Engaged in silver soliloquy
above a world in travail.

Only this morning,
the sky, was full of angels…
in cirrus-sequenced wonder.
Transfixing me on the pavement,

But tonight
the Lunar Lady,
takes prime-time prominence.
Her song to me
is never muted.
I hear her,
in this refuge in the city…

I know
dark times
are on their way.



© stormwolf 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Deep one, Stormwolf. Mind you, I’m an eternal optimist, always looking for a bright new dawn. Good poem.


I so enjoy your poems Alison, they are so deep so full of meaning and hidden depths. Like a midnight sea holding secrets only you can know.
I fear your last three lines are correct, but will continue to hope for the other option. 🙂 Sue.


“…:dark times…” and light times have been lurking for a while. A strange imbalance between prosperity for some and injustice and poverty for way too many. Better is relative, but it is a part of good. Saints and lunatics – enjoyed the contrast (as if between day and night) but it goes deeper to the malaise of the soul, the premonition of old dooms returning. The dread is real: the cause are many. Excellent topical discussion in imagery and metaphor. I concur.

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