Beyond Reach

It’s never painless, suicide.  Just brutal and unforgiving.

Someone I was proud to call friend,
escaped life’s brutal straps.
If you’ll permit a metaphor
for such a selfish act.
Sinking beneath the surface
of a sea of futile hope;
reaching the end of a line
gone slack and threadbare.

We’re born to touch the sky,
yet no-one tells us how.
Some find the firmament too high
and dip below the horizon.
They call for help locked
within a soul grown cold;
each beseeching cry
beating on unyielding walls.

Holding friendship cheap,
we blame ourselves for deafness
and paucity of thought;
forgetting we’re fallible and human.
It’s a frailty we share.
Along with belief that,
in the teeth of dilemma,
friends will see our pain
and stop us being swallowed.

© franciman 2023
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Oh I know the pain of this having lost a friend to suicide. We turn ourselves inside out trying to see if we could have done things differently. I do not believe it is the coward’s way out however. It takes a fair bit of courage and we need to remember that the place they are in, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, makes the fractured mind think (in some cases) they are doing their loved ones a favour. Their guilt at being the source of misery to those they love, compounds their agony, as they are gripped by something beyond their… Read more »

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