+ 2016 +

It hasn’t been the best year, has it.

Oh you wretched wraith

you harlot of the blackest skies,

flying cold with dark disguise,


to mock this year with

stolen breaths:

satisfy your cruel desires

and favour salt led tears.


Be gone your evil,

rending hand.

Cast aside

the heart of stone,


to fall, repleat with

ravaged dreams,

when spring’s new

dawn shall




© sweetwater 2023
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Enjoyed the read, Sweetwater. Always good to end a year and look forward to a new one.


Excellent! Many good uses of words and I love the personification of the year as a wraith. (Even if wriaths appear before loss) . I think you give voice to the sentiments of many the world over Sue. I very much hope the year we are entering is going to be better but have a feeling it will be a really stupendous year one way or the other. The global awakening means that the situation could swing either way. We are, in my opinion, on a precipice. However, one good thought sent forth into the ether can dispell many dark… Read more »

How incredibly sad! ;-( my ex husband is probably my closest friend and my cat has been with me for 13 years. I cannot imagine the pain of losing them all in one year.
In that case, 2017 must be gentler and kinder to you. Say good riddence to the old year and celebrate your strength.
Sending a hug.
Alison xxx


What a contrast between the darkness of the opening stanza and the lyrical sweetness of the last three lines. The whole poem reads like an incantation against the evil of 2016. I think it’ll resonate with a lot of readers who feel the same way about the year. Well done.


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