The Buzzing In My Head

…in the maze of my hazy brain.

I have this bee in my bonnet:
to write in praise of romance;
of the feeling that burgeons
from a timid, amorous glance
into an enduring love affair.

I’m not averse to do it in verse,
a ballad, perhaps, or a sonnet.
But not in the classical style
of Byron, Shelley, Shakespeare,
but a more common parlance.

I want the dialogue to appear
conversational and simple
between two shy youngsters
who see the moon as a symbol
of a strong, magnetic, attraction.

My head is awash with ideas,
buzzing like the eponymous bee
but the inspiration is a blur
in the maze of my hazy brain.
Yet that’s how creating occurs.

© Luigi Pagano 2016


© ionicus 2023
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I like this a lot Luigi, it’s how I get thoughts together….with the help of wine.


Testosterone usually rules the day. Enjoyed your poem, Luigi. Happy Christmas, young man.


yes sometimes that’s what happens

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