There is no one braver or more stalwart and intrepid
than a Sherpa or a Gurkha, sticking to the end
in faithfulness, agility and bravery,
a mountain people with incredible potentials
and one of the poorest countries in the world,
torn asunder by a fatal civil war
of ten long years because of foreign powers intervening,
arming terrorists and anarchists with weapons
to be able to impose dictatorship themselves.
But Nepal is and always was the freest of all Asian nations,
which the British wisely did respect
and therefore never colonized but left it wild
to only take into their service individuals,
unconquerable Gurkhas and invaluable Sherpas,
best of mountain fighters, first to climb Mount Everest,
fantastic representatives of this so hearty people,
hot and hard but nice and friendly,
and, like every mountain people,
warmer, more reliable and loyal in their hearts
as if they were more human
in the hardship of their mountain wisdom
than all plain and ordinary human beings.


© aurelio 2023
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Your poems never cease to amaze me aurelio this one is packed with info and a simple message at the end, if you could slim it down and pick out the real key points you want to put across then the end would give you a really powerful punch but it gets lost a little in the details. Well done though, Keith

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