After 65 Decembers

That final unsurmountable hurdle

In August,

he smiled at the memories

of 65 Decembers

and promptly stopped shaving.


The ruddy complexion,

jovial disposition

and expanded waistline

were already his

by right of genes,

a penchant for English ale

and a passion for bulked-up curries.


Throughout September,

October, November

and into December,

the beard became luxuriant

with the look and texture

of cotton wool,

showing every variant

from peppered grey

thru’ cumulous white.


Flair with a tenon saw

produced a serviceable sleigh,

and a hard-won pension

provided sacks full of presents,

brand new wellies,

and a funny red suit and hat.


Although they wouldn’t

keep their antlers on,

two Great Danes made

passable stand-in reindeer.


And his grandchildren,

who were taller than Munchkins,

though smaller than Umpah-Lumpas

made charming, mischievous Elves.


But how to visit

seven billion people

in just one night?


© Shackleton 2023
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That’s how it is with Santa Claus: he can grow a luxuriant white beard in only four months and give presents to seven billion people in just one night. But he doesn’t need to visit them all. The technology has progressed so much that he can deliver the presents by drones.
Elementary, Watson.
I enjoyed this sweet poem, otreasaigh; it took me back to my childhood. Thanks for that.


Amazon…Ha ha a good old santa romp, great stuff. Keith


Wonderfully jolly. Well written and imaginative…. heart warming actually:-)
Congrats on awards
Alison x

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