MY SUN (dream)

Flicker! Flicker!! Flicker!!!
Flicker in soft sweet splendour
Like light that pours its sparkle;
Drift in the grooves of Sun-smile
And rouse in the heart of light.
Bit by bit,
Into that sunny, dreamy night.

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critique and comments welcome.
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Hi Martins,
Welcome to WABD. 🙂 Wonderful to get more people joining from all over the world. I am sad to see nobody has commented on this lovely short poem. Sometimes things go a bit quiet, especially at times like holidays or Christmas. Anyway, I felt uplifted reading this.
third line need an s I think.
Like light that pour(s) its sparkle

I saw a scenario where someone sees a light and it speaks to the soul of the source of light and its uplifting effects on the mind.

Alison x

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