Cause and Consequence

In theory.


Blaise Pascal’s theory
about Cleopatra’s nose
is quite significant
and meant to propose
that because the lady’s
olfactory projection
was quite impressive
it changed the direction
of the Roman Empire.

Mark Antony, seduced
by her large conk,
would’ve lost interest
if it had been reduced
and that may’ve been best.
We can only surmise
the what if consequences,
but that Rome declined
it’s not a total surprise.

© Luigi Pagano  2016


© ionicus 2023
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I like the idea of him being seduced by her large nose and made me think that had it been today, a reduction by cosmetic surgeons would have already taken place. Sue.


What’s next, Helen’s face, Josephine’s headaches? Nice and entertaining, Luigi.
Regards, Gerald.


This is delicious – whether prose or poetry. The humour is delightful and I am sure you could get this published if you had a mind to do so. Well done – and thanks for the chuckle. Incidentally, a large conk, it has been said, denotes a powerful sexual urge. I have one – I mean a Roman nose – and what goes with it!

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