When you fall in love…


When you fall in love
you don’t know what to say.
You just stand there
like a stupid lonely sheep
and can’t do anything
except get lost in dreams
of wonders vain and vanishing
as fleeting as a cloud
with nothing to hold on to afterwards
except the loss of a disintegrated dream
that gave a fragrance of eternity
to just remind you
that it’s always there.

© aurelio 2020
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I’ve always liked reading your “Ralph Emerson” essaic poetic style over the years, Aurelio, even if not moving me enough to comment on them. I don’t think you are too worried about receiving comments, you really just want to express your thoughts with excellent grammatic skill in a language that is not your own. Also, you seldom, if ever comment on other writer’s work, which also explains the lack of comments and attention you receive. I think that’s okay, I like reading what you write about as undoubtably many others do too, your own take on things, and I respect… Read more »

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