The Lady in Pink

Remembering Barbara Cartland.


The lady wore pink and wrote of romance

that mesmerised maidens voraciously read;

sweet thoughts of love left them in a trance

with fancy notions that entered their head.


That by kissing a frog one might find a prince

it’s a pipe-dream with starry-eyed bookworms;

but the author’s skill is enough to convince

as any word-pundit can quite easily confirm.


She magicked fine tales with her lexical-wand

and although formulaic – as in boy meets girl –

with all her loyal readers she created a bond

who treated each sentence as a perfect pearl.


She was known by the press as a talking head

as well as a popular and prolific novelist;

her books sold by the million and widely read

and were often top of the bookseller list.


© Luigi Pagano  2016


© ionicus 2020
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As if we’d ever forget The Lady in Pink. I really enjoyed this, Luigi. It coaxed a smile and maybe some introspection….


It seems you can charm us on an endless supply of subjects, never read a book by this lady, but as you say millions have.


I enjoyed reading this, seems such a long time ago now that she was everywhere, the back of her books, in magazines and on TV, she was much too pink for me. I have never read her books, not my taste but it seemed every other female did. 🙂 Sue.


Luigi, I enjoyed this for your consummate skill at knocking out a rhyming poem without necessarily being enthused by the subject – I’m assuming you were not one of her fans – but I was hoping for a more incisive ending.
Cheers, Gerald.


I wasn’t being critical of the fact that you don’t hhave to be ‘in thrall to the subject’, Luigi, I was bekng envious as I can only write about something that has had some personal connection, which can take a frustratingly long time to happen.


Hahaha Luigi! Yes, air hostesses get their pilot, nurses their doctor etc etc! Who would ever think such mundane romance would sell so well! Painstakingly good rhyme too! Skilfully written with respectfull humour and a great read.

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