Playtime from the Classroom Window


It’s as if nothing’s changed:
they go galloping out,
trample through the seagulls’ camp,
secure slowly round and close corrals.

Young manes flutter,
heads toss vain bravadoes.
Suddenly feet shift,
break into movement;

eddies of delicious panic
churn in on themselves;
splashing shrieks drench
the towering cliffs of sky,

then subside, lapping
round the million stars
like a spent froth
of useless S.O.S. It is

as if death’s not long pounced
and dragged one off –
what isn’t, never was,
declare their brazen eyes,

so does the quietening bell
calling the children in, 
while the seagulls circle back
to reclaim their domain.


© Nemo 2023
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Took me a few reads to completely take your poem in, the penny finally dropped and I could see the scene you created so cleverly and I really enjoyed it, mind you I was rather cross with the antagonists and if they were mine a good telling off would be forthcoming very quickly. Sue 🙂


Hi Gerald, On Monday I read this numerous times, struck by the masterful way you combined cinemascope and Dolby Surround Sound. I wanted to nominate it then for its evocative nature and tactile feel alone. I felt a little out of my depth when it came to correlating the poetry to the intention. Like all the faceless mass, I neither commented nor nominated.. After re-reading, following your comments to Sue, which came about because I couldn’t put the piece down, the metaphor is clear and perfect IMHO. And the poem is not faulty, it is the reader, not surprisingly…. cheers,… Read more »


Sorry not to have commented before, like Jim…I was a little lost. Your explanation to Sue makes everything clear. The meds I’m on stifle my brain and I’m a bit slow on the uptake these days.
Now that I have the missing link I can appreciate the depth of your writing.
You really are a class act Gerald.

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