Taken by a Reservoir Somewhere up North

Piece of nonsense started in 1970, completed in 2015

The photograph got to him 
from way back,
homing in 
from an unromantic evening,
typically late fifties:

its dab of sunset 
fit for a Woolworth’s painting
hunkering down 
behind louring dark rocks, 

and, oh no, oh no,

reminding him 
of the sting of cheap shampoo 
from her dishevelled hair,
and coming away  
after not blunting an old penknife 
on the rough sandstone 
not bearing their names 
longer than themselves.

Still the wry chuckle of water,
the sky red-faced with sniggering,
and the embarrassment of hair 
stranded in time with a dull face,
unenhanced by a life-time’s exposure.

No wonder the old photograph
turned sour in his hands –
in a postmodernist sort of way.


© Nemo 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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This piece of nonsense – your words Gerald, not mine – makes some sort of sense in as much as one can see that it is about reminiscences of a not altogether successful outing with a girl – no oil painting by the sound of it – but what I found a bit confusing is what brought about those memories. Was it a photograph of a cheap reproduction of a painting (Woolworth’s), or are those references unrelated?


A little confusing but interesting.

ps, I think the word is spelt ‘lowering’ (pronounced louring..)


I enjoyed this, I liked all the different images, the dark heaviness of the rocks with the softness of hair, the chuckle of water and the red-faced sky. 🙂 Sue.

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