A Stable Relationship

I love thoroughbreds…


I love thoroughbreds
and things equine;
caring for horses
suits me just fine.

The trainer’s a lady
of a certain age,
she is my boss
and pays my wage.

I am her jockey
and have lost count
of the number of times
I mount and dismount.

I have to be skilled
and work very hard.
If I don’t perform
I’ll get my cards.

There’ll come a time
when she has to decide
if she wants a rider
or a bit on the side.

© Luigi Pagano 2016


© ionicus 2023
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Ooh cheeky 🙂 I have read this several times and aways end up with a smile, so nice to have a ‘feel good brings a smile poem.’ Thank you for lightening the world for a few minutes. Sue.


Made me smile Luigi.Even old mares ride well, so don’t despair.be lucky, Peter.

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