Time Falls Cold.

I woke up with this in my head. It’s personal, think emotion rather than nature.

The day blinks dark…

Winter sets in long before

its time.


Bitter winds circle through

the hours, as ice begins to form

around your heart, once more.


Time falls short as winter runs

her race. I have no wish

to travel cold about the past.


I wonder if spring will

hold the key, but I fear

it will be too late.


© sweetwater 2020
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Quite a sense of foreboding in this, Sue.


Oh, the many forms of Winter’s discontent, Sue. Families have always been the worst regarding misinterpreting and getting freaked out on hearing casual remarks that can be taken the wrong way, if emotionally, or historically inclined to do so! Clever use of Winter’s cold and unfriendly form, arriving early through unwarranted bitterness, and where the later Spring always seems to offer fresh reconciliation and a new start. But where the given factor is love, all so unneccessary… I thought of “warm the lock” but “hold the key” speaks more of finding resolvement. Keeps true to a winning style, Sue, these… Read more »


To befriend the ex-girlfriend of someone you admired so much, Sue, must have been very special, and I wonder if he knew of what was happening in his wake of increasing fame and fortune, of your friendship with her, and of your active help in contributing to, even helping to establish his fanclub? Yes, not to miss opportunities for adventure and excitement in youth is important considering how short life is, but one often realises this only later when far too late! At these fateful crossroads one can wonder how different one’s life might have been if another path was… Read more »


Such personal words are beyond critique, just to say I’m so pleased with the way you have taken to poetry. You express your feelings so well now Sue. We all need critique from time to time, it’s pleasing that you, like me, can be so receptive.
Mike XxX

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