Comings and Goings

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She opens the door before I have the chance to ring the bell. She is not a spring chicken anymore but what I’d describe as a glamorous granny. Skimpily dressed and highly perfumed.

“Are you Brian?” she asks, “I expected someone younger”.

I am confused and mumble: “I just came…” but she interrupts me.

“No matter, we’ll have to see what we can do about that”. “You got them?” she continues.

I think she means my credentials. I am about to show her my ID badge as she looks left and right down the road with a frown.

“We can’t be too careful; there are a lot of nosey-parkers in this street”. She warns.

I am almost dragged inside the house when I hear the sound of approaching footsteps on the gravel.
A young man carrying a newspaper and wearing a carnation in his buttonhole asks at the top of his voice:

“Hi, are you Beryl?”

She gasps and pushes me away, shouting:

“You have a bloody nerve trying to take advantage of me” and, after admitting the newcomer into the house, shuts the door in my face.

And all I was there to do, was to read the meter.


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Hahahaha! Luigi, very droll! I hope “have you got them?” refererred to drugs, or weapons with which to kill her husband, or even net-shopping for bomb-making, the idea of sexual services would be appalling, the mind boggles with obscenities! Well-written common o’ garden behaviour in the suburbs, short, relevant, and a lay-out that makes for easy reading. I like the start, establishing early the charactor of an active oldie who really knows what she wants and how to get it, no nonsense with her! Born in the 40s no doubt!


Oops! Sorry Luigi, meant to be “droll”, amusingly witty!

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