The cruelty of Spain
was evident from the beginning
with a hard and proud mentality
ideal for an autocracy of hard intolerance
made worse by fear and superstition,
ruled by Great Inquisitors,
unique for Spain,
that ordered the extermination
of all Indians of the new world
even if they tried co-operation,
being loyal, faithful, humble Christians,
and thus were the Inca and the Aztec empires
plundered and reduced to nothing
by the greed disguised in bigotry of Spain
that also persecuted all the Jews and Arabs
hunting them forever down and out.
Francisco Goya saw the Spanish soul
exposing it in probably the darkest art
that ever was produced before the ‘Guernica’,
– but, still, in all this darkness, there is hope.

There is no finer dancing,
folkloristic music, gipsy culture
and artistic temperament
than in Andalucia,
the fabled country of Granada and Sevilla,
that saw Lorca, Falla, Figaro,
Don Juan, Granados and Albeniz
among others flourish splendidly
in the most dashing art of Europe.

Forget the bullfights, Francoism,
the civil war, the inquisition horrors,
the intolerance and bloody history,
and sing and dance instead
all night at the bottegas
that will outlast all the lunacy of history.

© aurelio 2023
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Good description. But can’t help feeling it would be far more effective if it were distilled to be much shorter. Poetry often leads people to throw everything in. Resist! Make every word count.

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