Advice to a shattered friend


You never seem to learn, my friend,
although you were deceived before
and many times, and now
it’s once too much, it seems,
and still you will not learn,
and there’s no remedy against a lack of wisdom
if not even your experience will teach you.
However, don’t let your frustrated love
make you collapse, break down, disintegrate,
go into boozing, moral bankruptcy and self-destruction,
for if your love fails you
and goes into bed with someone less than you,
it’s not your fault. If you let that affect you
you have lost and are defeated,
which in love you never must allow.
It is a challenge. If you lose one girl,
there are so many others you can love,
so many lonesome darlings waiting just for you,
left over and surviving after shipwrecks
like yourself in spite of all,
and no survivor ever will admit defeat.
If you have lost one whom you loved,
because she found another,
there will be no end to all those others
who deserve you more than she.


© aurelio 2023
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