Rome – what a waste of history!

considering the ruins of Rome with Edward Gibbon…


You carried on the famous Greek democracy
by your republic for some centuries,
but then, alas, there was a fellow Julius Caesar
who decided to transform it into a dictatorship
and was unbearable enough to actually succeed
in turning over a republican democracy into its contrary
and was in fact just for that reason murdered,
which, alas, had just the contrary effect
to what it was intended, turning Julius Caesar
into the most formidable martyr;
which established that abominable Roman empire
of incurable corruption, decay, moral dissolution
and the gradual downfall of all standards of civilization
for four hundred years before it finally collapsed
by its own rottening putrefication and megalomania
introducing the dark ages of a thousand years.
And what a waste of history!
It was all there, the splendid civilization,
en enlightenment of science and philosophy,
destroyed by the shortsightedness of egoism
and power madness, crazy and inhuman emperors
and the establishment of some absurd christianity
of superstition, bigotry and brainwash mythomania
to replace all light and realism and common sense
with paranoia of premeditated purpose
to lead all the world astray by evilly controlling it
through the black magic of established superstition
to impose a realm of terror for a thousand years
by strict intolerance outlawing every possible enlightenment.
The catholic politic church is still there
dominating Rome and trying still to dominate the world,
but Rome survived more easily without it
and is known today as the most splendid town of Italy
and history, a palimpsest of all the worst mistakes of history,
quite open, obvious and self-evident
for anyone who wants to learn
what those refused to grasp and learn
who put the fire burning to the stake of Saint Giordano Bruno.


© aurelio 2023
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