Muse Thief

Ever get stuck? Think it’s just hard luck?


I thought I’d write today

Something inspired, something bright

To shimmer, catch the light

But all that came sounded trite


The day to enhance, perchance

To bring others a moment’s joy

So wit and skill employ

But, to annoy,


Nothing came, only blame

You’ve lost your touch lame brain


But then gazing at the ceiling


I thought I ought

To write about this feeling

Muse stealing

Who does it?


What demon steals the semen?

Of creativity

Replaces it with negativity?

Does it enter in deep sleep?


Purloining positivity

The serpent coiled about the tree

Offering free fruit in pursuit

Of my originality


Faking, stealing from me

Replacing poetry with banality

But no, demon, for you are unmasked

And I, poet, shall honour my task 

© pronto 2023
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Ah, museless shall we e’er meander! Staccato at times but nice internal rhyme of demon with semen and pur-loining (nudge nudge) to follow. Mitch

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