Peas on a Plate

I sat there oh so desperate, pushing peas around my plate

While she destroyed and deconstructed me with endless words of hate


And I realize now that was just the start, of what became my broken heart

That has stayed throughout my life and shapes what’s left of me


For once I made her heart beat faster, but that love turned into disaster

Did she find the grass as green as what she thought?


Now each day I sit here and tremble, as I no longer resemble

The man she met and fell in love with that fine day


She set fire to all my dreams, until nothing was as it seemed

And her mouth spewed out her hatred and emotions


She seemed oblivious to my tears, that fell from eyes that through the years

Only ever idolized and saw the very best in her


People told me she was bad, but I still gave her all I had

And now I pay the price and grieve for that lost love


You see some days I cannot raise my head, from the pillow on my bed

The very one she said she’d love to press down on my face


And I just don’t understand and sometimes wonder, was it all planned?

For if it was, then that’s a long, long fall from grace


So each day I soldier on, count the days down ‘til I’m gone

And no longer have to spend my time like this


All my colleagues think I’m fun, but that’s because I let no-one

See the broken man who lives inside this shell


If not for children I’d be gone, just some dust to gaze upon

Because what was once my heaven is now my hell


And as i sit here feeling desperate, pushing pills around this plate

They remind of the peas I had to eat in our old place


And I would take all of the name calling and worse she sent my way

If I could once more, kiss her perfect face


© marvo 2023
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A fine adventurous effort and rhyme scheme. I am not sure of the format but it is not an easy thing to pull off. Bravo, sir Marv of O. Mitch

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