Going through the Photos

A revised old one

This was at Alan’s in ’89.
We could hear the dishwasher
hard at it in the kitchen
like an au pair on heat
rushing to knock off early.

They had a new extension,
didn’t they? Remember?
That was where we had dinner. 
It occupied part of the garden
which we had to admire after dessert,
curtains being pulled back,
and lights switched on specially.

Surely you remember?
It was dark, and a stream ran
through the garden, but I said
there were no gnomes fishing.

We had the other Alan with us,
the French Alain on the exchange.
the one staying with us
I showed “Allo ‘Allo!” to,
the one I told you asked
‘Why do they tok like zat?’

You must remember now. Look,
someone took this photograph –
so we must have been there,
with the small talk, cigars de rigueur,
car doors banging after bedtime,
and goodnights vaporising in the cold…

You had no coat… you’re shivering,
perhaps you do remember.



© Nemo 2023
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The dishwasher was hard at it in the kitchen like an au pair on heat. Classic observational piece. Bravo. Mitch.


that’s exactly what i wanted to say too.
good one Nemo

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