Thoughts while getting old

Just a thought…or two.(when you still have your tie-dye tee shirt)

We are the last of our kind…

the “Give a Shit” generation.

Left-overs from a time when life was cool.


 ‘And The Wind Cried Mary’.


We marched to hold back

 the tides of persecution…

While feeling guilty for a past

 we had no part in.

Cracked smiles of countless Miss Worlds

asking for world peace.

Oh… the weight of those expectations.


But that was then…


I’m left here hanging by my laurels,

thoughts held to ransom…

 a day at a time.

While a land that cries for freedom,

 is struggling

 under the consequences of indifference.

The price paid in blood

 on Aleppo’s streets of shame.


This world fiddles while Aleppo burns.


The terms of engagement

 written by those

who buy and sell our souls….

from one conflict to another.

Empty headed hypocrisy

rattling the gates of Hell.


For there is money to be made.

© mikeverdi 2023
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And the Wind Cries Mary – nice Hendrix touch. One of your better pieces Mike – especially for the Nero reference to Aleppo: a disgrace to all humanity indeed and the Halliburton reference at the end. Mitch

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