The light


I am wandering light


The world is the sky

I have one moon, one sun

In my eyes

The guides rotate and change places

At ease

I choose the sun of dawn

And the dreamy moon

Even in the loud afternoons

And stark moonless nights

My eyes radiate the aurora

Of dawns and moonbeams

In the powerful vivid seat

I am at times the throne

Sometimes the king

And at other times the lounge

I lose my aggression, possession and identity

In the light

On the stage

I care for every little feelings

So what do I care

For other things

I am bedeviled

In the sparkle

Not engaged in the argument

If the light is mine or borrowed

For as long as I roam inside the shine

I maybe the king, or the throne

Or the seat in this sky

With the sun and the moon

In my eyes

© supratik 2023
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