Eagerness to bring to light the imaginative




Lost in the physical

In every minute,

The frenzied world though

Writes and talks about

The non-physical.


Confused in the erudite debate

Between truth and lie

Condemned to be trapped and irate

In the destiny of debris

Each one of us

Pushing the insipid rock

Of the punished Sisyphus.


There is this someone

Waiting for the world,

Perhaps to wake up

Or to take a plunge into an awakening

Slumber, instead of

Blaming anyone for the retribution

For in the court where the judge and the victim stand

The onlookers don’t see the struggle

Of that someone in the forsaken land


Trouble seems to be with

The three-letter word

Does it need to be cleared?

From the heavy, déjà-vu mind

Word that’s abused

From the time we left the abode

We called our home.


How would it matter!

The world wonders

But the desperate dais needs to live

For the sake of existence

It needs to re-create ways

Of survival

Words wouldn’t help

Feelings perhaps simple and naïve

Could usher in the light.


It is light, it is light

Keep your eyes closed or ajar

Through the door

It enters and simplifies

All defining words

Without limits of what it is

And what it is not

Unties the most stubborn knots

No need to name and fight

This the world accepts

Dives deep in unending delight.

© supratik 2023
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