The Old Prison Yard

As we approach that time of year again where ghouls abound I send you this timely warning!



This is the spot where those who were not

Good people are to be found

Buried none too deep they uneasily sleep

In unconsecrated ground


Their spirits unbound they wander around

The old prison yard where they lie

They lost life and hope at the end of a rope

All were reluctant to die


Though the prison’s long gone their presence lives on

Pervading the very air

They’ll wail and scream around Halloween

If you go there then stranger beware


Be warned do not dwell near those gates to hell

Or your soul will surely be taken

You’ll be driven insane as they enter your brain

If you doubt me you’re very mistaken


So heed when I say you must speed away

Or to your trepidation

Down into hell you’ll be taken pell-mell

Lost to all chance of salvation






© pronto 2023
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As you say, Tony, a timely warning.
Neat, easy rhymes and rhythm but I spotted a couple of typos you may want to rectify: “You’ll e driven insane” needs a ‘b’ and “Or to to your trepidation” has one ‘to’ too many or needs editing.
Cheers, Luigi


Great stuff HaHa! Agree about the edit.


My kind of poem, flowed well, no interruptions to reading. Great halloween write, spooky but not gory. loved it.


Reminds me of one of my dad’s favourite poems: “Tomlinson” by Kipling. Playful and spooky.

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