Grand Opening

Great expectations.


The villagers awaited the upcoming event

knowing the celebrities would all be there:

the local M.P.,  with the Carnival Queen,

recently crowned, the doctor, the mayor.


His Grace was expected to grace the bash;

a brass band had rehearsed all day long

and was standing by, ready for action,

to delight the eager and expectant throng.


No one said what the celebration was for

but anticipations that there’d be a feast

were high. Meat, cheeses, and other fare,

would be served, or sandwiches at least.


The head of the school had been chosen

to perform the task, but her heart sank

when, cutting the ribbon, she found out

it was the Grand Opening of a food bank.


© Luigi Pagano 2016


© ionicus 2023
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this is very good Luigi


Hi Luigi,I really liked this well composed piece of writing. Be lucky, Peter.


Liked the easy flow, the element of ‘don’t know, suspend unto the end. Well done mate a deserved nomination.
It’s a pity we need food banks in this modern era but when one thinks of the alternative…….

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