Waiting Dry

Procreation deepens the ignorance of the contemporary nuclear family shielded from the reality beyond that compass. Edit courtesy of If You Please.

Is there a direction for lust
Other than the unsaturated world;
Elaborate rooms of wagging tongues
Framed with petrified studs:
Its palace’s spacious, multiplied expanse
Modified by one or more or many more
To occupy the earth with further needs?
All that might have been
Unconstructed, unhoused, unknown;
Constrained to the divided empire of the senses,
Broken up with inveterate independence,
Activated by necessity like fools on chains.
No emperor known, even suspected,
Whose great ships rest in their last domain.

© ross 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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A direction for lust is an interesting question. I suppose I’m the last person who should be wondering about that. lol I think this piece is, as all of your work, very polished and thought provoking. I think that procreation is often utilized by fools, like myself, rather than people who could conceivably (no pun intended) pass on something worthwhile. I liked how you used this: Elaborate rooms of wagging tongues Framed with petrified studs: as a double entendre. Or at least that’s my take on it. As we grow older, we often find the idea of living through offspring… Read more »

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