Victorian Superstar

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Charles Dickens has always been my favourite author and in my opinion is our greatest ever writer. This is my tribute to him.

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A literary genius was born one day

Charles John Huffam Dickens was he,

coming into the world in 1812

he wrote classics like Nicholas Nickleby.

He wrote by candlelight using quill and ink

at his feet his dog Timber Doodle would sit,

on his shoulder was Grip his pet raven

as he created novels like Martin Chuzzlewit.

He was without doubt a Victorian superstar

writing about corruption, poverty, and crime,

he was also a speaker, a great orator

Dickens was way ahead of his time.

He gave his characters wacky names

inspired by people on the streets and in the pub,

like Jerry Cruncher, Mr Fang, Horatio Fizkin,

Mrs Spittletoes, Toby Cruckit, and Gabriel Grub.

So many thanks to Charles Dickens

for creating folk of mystery and fun,

and giving us Oliver Twist and David Copperfield

A Christmas Carol and Dombey and Son. 



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