Smoke and Ashes

When an affair dissolves it can leave a bitter taste and a desire for revenge.


You said you loved me; you were leaving your bloke

But all that you left was a handful of smoke

This is what happens when a love affair crashes

One’s left with smoke the other with ashes


Pledged when kids are older grown, left school

And I drank it all in like a gullible fool

You drained my resources you’ve stolen my life

Led me to believe that you’d be my wife


What’s left to be writ? What’s left to be said?

Was it ever love or a dream in your head?

All hollow promises dragged out for years

And what of my help with your mortgage arrears?


Now that you’ve left, now that you’re gone

I know you’re a cheat but my love burns on

So back to your children back to your man

And I’ll soldier on just the best way I can


It’s the price I must pay for hoping to dare

That you’d really leave him, a new life we’d share

But I’ll make sure you feel vengeance lashes

I’ve told your husband now taste bitter ashes


© pronto 2023
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