There’s Only One God

Intro: up to 50 words Why are there so many religions ? Why not just one ? As I get older I seem to question things !

Main text of your writing.

We’ve got Mormons

Muslims and Seikhs

Jehovah Witnesses

and Orthodox Greeks.

There’s Christadelphians

and good old C of E,


the Salvation Army.

Buddhists in Tibet

Roman Catholics,

Hindus and Anglicans

Quakers and Baptists.

So many religions

more than a few,

but why not just one

surely they all can’t be true ?

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critique and comments welcome.
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But each does think they are true, hence all the strife and warfare. A nice light-hearted little write.
Val x


I think we all question the existence of God as we get older. My opinion for what it is worth is that there really can only be one God;but with different names and image in our minds. However because of man’s desire to worship different Gods the whole question of is there a God becomes more difficult.It is also the failing of man to try to force others to believe in their God, hence all the strife there is in this world.As far as i am concerned I am sure that the most important thing for the individual is to… Read more »


They say you should not talk about politics and religion; it’ll only cause trouble, so you are brave so to do. But you did so in a light hearted and enjoyable way, and so avoided the ton of bricks. However, the question is implied and there will be many answers, but who is to say which one is correct. Not me! I have already crossed swords with some UKA members on the subject, and regretted doing so.
Nice read Kevin,
Regards, Michael

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