In Denial

It’s more common that most folk think.


Here where the end of nowhere starts

In the land of shattered hearts

Deploying vibrant verbs,

Smiling insincere syllables

To concerned friends

‘Fine thank you’

‘I’ve moved away ‘

‘Finally free’

I can’t lie to me

Others I may deceive

They may believe

But in my hollow heart

The echo of my lies resound


Off the barren walls

Of a seared soul seeking release

The nights fruitlessly fending uncles

With wandering hands

Brothers selling me to others

Begging clemency

Receiving none

I weep in tortured sleep

Tell the world I’m fine

As I head towards the railway line

© pronto 2017
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Holds a flag up in a world that is in denial to the abuse that exists in every society.

The stark simplicity of this telling; the run down the page, fact after fact, detail after detail: the sparsity of punctuation – all add up to an extremely effective piece. Your technique and presentation searingly portray the bleakness, despair, feelings of unworthiness, loneliness and lack of hope in this young girl/woman. For me, the most poignant lines: I can’t lie to me And, your ending: As I head towards the railway line There are two possible meanings in that. She’s either moving on. And on. And on. Running away from herself and her shame. Or it may be the only… Read more »

Fabulous! The last line made the poem. The silent murderer of a child’s innocent soul. A special place in hell awaits those who do such things.
Alison x

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