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A Podiatrist looks after feet

and not the head or heart,

yet some are in such a state

they’re unsure where to start.

There’s corns and rough skin

those that itch and sweat,

and many so misshapen

they should be treated by a vet.

Bunions the size of footballs

blisters ready to pop,

feet resembling chunks of meat

that could be sold in a butchers shop.

Carbuncles and boils

toenails that don’t look right,

tootsies swollen and squashed

caused by shoes far too tight.

So best look after your feet

give them lots of tender care,

wash them often in soapy water

as remember we only get the one pair ! 

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Priceless ending! Made me laugh. Jaunty rhythm
and rhyme, even if not perfect – but I rather like that irregularity in this piece – matches all the irregular feet! 🙂

You might want to consider adding a bit of clarity in these two lines :

yet some are in such a state
they’re unsure where to start.


some feet..? the Doc’s.. ?

I’d stay with singular – one doc – since you start with ‘a podiatrist’.

Just a suggestion, mistermarmite. Your poem, your choice. 🙂 bel 🙂


You have a very insightful understanding of other people’s feet, are you a part time foot masseur in your free time between cleaning windows hehe. Good fun poem, but glad I’m not eating my tea though 🙂 Sue.


oh, to be footloose and fungus-free! a simple structure that bounces along well enough! Mitch

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