Beloved town of knowledge,
thanks for your idyllic depths of consummation
in the field of the pursuit of truth and wisdom,
heart of tolerance and freedom
both of conscience and of thought,
while Oxford seemed to me more introverted
focussed on the ego, its enhancement and complacency
in narcissistic dwindling spiral of the blind alleys of egoism,
you in humbler and sincerer aspirations
strive beyond yourself and this demented world of vanity.
What you already have accomplished you ignore
to rather go ahead fixed on the future and beyond
to ever keep advancing rather than look back,
for curiosity, to keep revealing what is round the corner
and continuing the research round the bend
to never stop investigating the black holes
of ever more alarming lacks of our knowledge,
but to always strive beyond the universe
to never stop confirming how exactly anything is possible.
Thanks for adopting me, and I will ever
faithfully remain one of your pupils of eternity.


© aurelio 2023
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