Innocence Lost

Dedicated to the innocent child Omran Dagneesh the little Syrian boy in the ambulance. 

Little boy in ambulance his brother dead
Covered in blood
Puts hand to head
It comes away red
As his innocence is bled

Doesn’t understand the helping hand
Confused, bemused
Covered in dirt, badly hurt
Too shocked even to cry
He doesn’t know why

Neither do I



© pronto 2020
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Ain’t that the truth though, well said.


And neither do I Pronto. A tragedy if ever there was one. Leaves me speechless …..
Val xx


powerful short of a powerful tragedy – mitch


The inevitable conclusion to insane conflicts. It is all very well to point a finger at one combatant or another, but nobody seems to blame the arms manufacturers and suppliers.


Rivalry between diverse primitive religions and fervant patriotism inevitably leads to war, the first containing the most ubiquitous and deep-rooted businesses in the world and which have existed throughout Man’s supernatural history. The war equipment and religious hardware suppliers just exploit and cash in on the conflicts those indoctrinations and ideologies cause. Both religion and greed divide peoples, and striving after the power to rule the resulting divisions, creates instability at all levels down through society, so that the evils of greed and need to both mentally and physically survive by any means possible creates a brutally aggressive and criminal… Read more »


The shortness of the lines and strong rhythmic tone of this piece are altogether very effective, your ending perfect. You make the case for the inhumane senselessness, the immorality of this and all war, crystal clear. A heart wrenching and conscience piercing write. Well done, Pronto. bel

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